Advanced Translation and Localization Services

Steady Promotion offers advanced translation, software localization and terminology services from English and/or French into Romanian for all types of information: technical, commercial and legal.

We offer the best of services by means of professional project management, qualified translators and global supplier network, versatile CAT (computer-aided translation) tools, and state-of-the-art processes.

Technical Expertise at All Levels

We can process and deliver translations in any major DTP and word-processing applications, as well as in any major standards, be it HTML, SGML or XML. Furthermore, we can provide printed materials through our partners.

Steady Promotion's translation solutions are utilized by clients both in industry and public sector: machine and equipment manufacturing, telecommunications, process industry, IT, mechanical engineering, finance, and others.

By centralizing or even outsourcing all translation projects to Steady Promotion, our clients can gain various benefits:

:: overall cost-effectiveness

:: shorter delivery times

:: cost savings and quality improvements through utilization of our advanced documentation solutions

:: useful support in linguistic queries

:: necessary back-up service for the company's own translation resources

:: enhanced consistency of terminology with help of term banks and glossaries


Document Types:


User guides

Service and maintenance manuals

Technical specifications

User interfaces

Help files

Quality manuals

Product brochures

Company brochures

Press and stock exchange releases

Annual and interim reports


Various administrative and legal documents


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