Our Guarantees

STEADY PROMOTION offers explicit guarantees on the quality and delivery dates.
If you are not satisfied with a job, we will propose another version as quickly as possible. If the second version contains errors, you shall have the right to a partial or total refund. The conditions and procedure for contesting a job are described below.

In the event of a late delivery more than one third past the delivery date, and if the delay is directly and only imputable to STEADY PROMOTION, we shall reimburse up to 100% of the job.

General Sales Conditions

These general sales conditions apply to all jobs carried out by STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. for its clients.

1. All translation requests must be accompanied by an order including the price established by the parties. This order must be sent to us by regular mail, e-mail or fax; we reserve the right to refuse to start a job without an order.

2. Technical documents shall be accompanied by reference documents supplied by the client and/or drawings or diagrams to be used for a better understanding of such documents.

3. Translations shall be counted by word in the source language, unless otherwise previously established in writing.

4. In the event that a client cancels an order, all work already effected shall be billed at 100%, work which is suspended shall be billed at 50%.

5. Unless otherwise specified, all invoices must be paid within five working days from the date they are issued.

6. Any late payment or failure to pay shall be cause for immediate collection of the entire amount due from the client, without previous notice or other formalities. STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. reserves the right to request interest calculated according to the official rate of Romania's National Bank in effect as of the date that such payment is made. Moreover, the client must reimburse any expenses STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. incurs to settle the case.

7. STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. shall not be held liable for any reason whatsoever for translations which are not stylistically satisfactory. Particularly for advertising and promotional material, the services of STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. shall be limited to simple translation, unless expressly requested. STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. shall not be liable for drafting the text in an advertising style different from the source text. Our liability shall be limited to the amount of the invoice.

8. Complaints shall only be taken into consideration if received by registered mail with return receipt within seven days of delivery of the jobs or part of them. All complaints must be accompanied by the original documents and disputed translations. Once the above time period has elapsed, the translation shall be considered correct.

9. In the event of an unsatisfied client, thus in the case of a complaint within the established deadlines, STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. agrees, at its own expense, to deliver an edited version of the disputed translation within a timeframe equal to one third of that previously established for the job plus twenty-four hours. This second document shall be used to judge the quality of the translation in order to establish the amount of reimbursement, at STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L.'s own discretion.

10. STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. shall not be held liable for any delays caused by malfunctioning faxes, modems, e-mail and other mail or carriers, not directly controlled by STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L.

11. In the event of late deliveries for more than one third of the established time, and in the event that the delay is directly and solely attributable to STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L., a reimbursement shall be paid, to be established between the parties, up to an amount of 100% of the job delivered late.

12. Defects present in one part of the translation shall not be grounds, for any reason whatsoever, for questioning the entire translation. STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. reserves the right to make modifications in such cases.

13. Only written agreements between the parties shall be taken into consideration. The Court of Bucharest shall have jurisdiction for all disputes. In the event of failure to pay, all representation and partial or total reproduction of such translation shall be illegal. STEADY PROMOTION S.R.L. reserves the right to request a client who uses unpaid material for immediate payment of the translation and compensation for copyright where applicable.